I just wanted to tell you that I used your partial mash Belgian Wit recipe you have on your site (my first try at any type of non-extract brew) and just got a silver medal for it in my first homebrew competition. Thank you! Great site. - Eric H., 5/18/2010

Your Extract recipe I got from you for Aventenis Wheat took 1st place Gold medal category 15a in the Cass River Homebrew competition. It was in the Top 5 Best of Show as well. There were 3 judges for BOS and Rex Halfpenny was one of the judges...This year I want to brew an all-grain from that recipe.... - Ron F., 5/10/2009

New Castle Clone AKA The Dog: I loved it!! It was my first homebrew that I did, was easy, tasted close to the real thing. I definitely would brew it again. Thanks. - Claude P., 9/6/2007

Backyard Pilsner: This was my second brew. I am really happy with how it turned out! Great beer for a hot day. - Bob C., 8/1/2007

Cellar Craft Yakima Merlot: This is one of my favorite kits! I'm not even that big a Merlot fan, but this wine is so good! I will be making a second Washington State Merlot sometime soon. Also note that this was in the top 10 in last years amateur wine competition sponsored by Winemakers Magazine. - NB, 7/4/2007

Midwest Peninsula IPA: My friends and family all agreed that this is an excellent light and crisp IPA, and man is it hoppy! - Drew B., 6/11/2007

Just a thank you on how fast you got my last order out. CHEERS! I will recommend people get their kegs from you. Awesome deal and ridiculously fast delivery. - Gary K., 4/16/2008

THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH!!!!! The deal on the Kegs was nothing short of AMAZING. On top of that the fast shipping and incredible service has absolutely blown me away. I will be a long time customer. Thanks again. - Mike C., 8/28/2007

Homebrew Kegging System: Thank you so much for the beginner keg system. My first beer to put in the keg was a Brown Ale. It has been a huge success and will be gone very soon. All of the system worked quite well and I will recommend you guys to folks around here. Once I build a plywood base, I should be able to fit three kegs into this fridge. Also, I will be ordering up a faucet wrench, some more cornies, and another co2 tank here in the near future. Thanks again for the help! - Kyle L., 2/14/2009

Homebrew Kegging System: I purchased this keg system package with the 10# tank back in July and have absolutely loved it. I will never go back to bottles again. Thanks guys. - Travis K., 12/16/2008

Homebrew Kegging System: Throw away your bottles! I just got my kegging kit and I'll never go back to bottling again. No more waiting six weeks to sample your brew. No more boxes of empties all over the garage. This kit is easy to use and works great. - Martin F., 8/26/2006