Brew Pots, Brewing Stands & Burners

The brew pot that you purchase may be the most important brewing investment you make.
Make a choice that fits you.
� Homemade Wine Supply offers several choices for your brewing needs!

Brew Pots

5 gallon stainless steel stock pots, and kettles

Blichmann BoilerMaker Brew Pots

The BoilerMaker line of brew pots have been designed specifically for home brewing. Blichmann didn't sacrifice features or quality by leveraging a combination of existing cooking pots...they designed the ideal pot from the ground up and built them from scratch! Note that the sizes are perfect for home brew batch sizes!

Polar Ware Brew Pots

Polar Ware is a U.S. manufacturer servicing the Food Service, Health Care and Homebrew industry. Polar Ware prides itself for high quality manufacturing and customer service.


Propane Burners

Cut your brewing time in half with one of these great propane burners. While you are at it, invest in a wort chiller, turn 8 hours into 3 with these two great additions!


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