AIH Beer Recipe Kits

You have ventured into our huge selection of beer recipe kits that we have put together ourselves.� We are going to blow your mind when you begin to look through these kits!� Right here at your fingertips, we offer you to choose from 20 different Light/Pilsner kits, 20 Amber/Red/Brown Ale kits, 13 Pale Ales, 14 Porters and Stouts, 13 English/Scottish/Irish Ales, Wheat Beer kits, Belgian kits, Dark Ales/Lagers,� and Specialty Beer kits. All of the beer recipe kits include liquid malt extract, hops, and grains.�

With these great prices, and the taste of a fresh, crisp, delicious beer right on the tip of your tongue, what are you waiting for?� Start clickin' and try to pick just one...Bet you can't !

Lights & Pilsners

Aahhh, who doesn't love a great Pilsner.� You have to check out the "Backyard Pilsner", "Sam Adams" Clone, All American Light, Polish Ale, Cream Ales, etc., etc., etc.

Amber, Red & Brown Ales

These beers aren't just pretty to look at !� This selection is first rate!

Pale Ales

Just plain good!� Pick our American Pale, Great Lakes Pale Ale, or maybe the "Arrogant Bastard" Clone.

Porters & Stouts

So how�BOLD are you?� Try our "St. Paddy's Irish Stout", or how about a Buckwheat Honey Porter, Vanilla Porter or Chocolate Stout?� Check them all out!

Scottish/English/Irish Ales

Choose from Bass Ale Clone, Irish Reds, Edinburg Scottish, etc.

Wheat Beer Kits

Mmmmm!� Delicious wheat beer...try the "Summer Wheat Bier" Special On Sale Now!� Just $15.00!
Or how about a nice honey wheat?

Belgian Beer Kits

From mouth watering Belgian White to some daring Belgian Dark, you can't go wrong here!

Dark Ales & Lagers

Try a German Doppelbock or an Oktoberfest if you dare...

Specialty Beer Kits

Try our "The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown" Ale Fall Special, or pick from Orange Blossom Honey Cream, Blueberry Stout and much more!